Commercial audio and video systems are very important in the workplace. We strive to provide audio and video systems that will not only enhance your company, but work to make your life easier. We provide solutions for both presentations and collaboration. From meeting rooms or class rooms to remote live feed and sound systems Virtual Guru has the A/V system that you need.

Meeting Rooms

More than ever, organizations are using meeting rooms to collaborate and solve problems. Technology plays a key role in being able to quickly and efficiently create and share ideas. Virtual Guru provides full meeting room designs from presentation, sound systems, interactive devices, and control systems.

Educational Technology

The learning process has evolved in education to include technology in the curriculum. Virtual Guru can work with your organization to implement interactive devices, classroom presentation systems, collaboration systems, and sound systems to enhance the educational experience. We have all the technology that you will need to meet all of your educational needs.

Sound Systems

Whether trying to communicate throughout your facility or trying to have a private conversation in your office, Virtual Guru has sound system solutions to improve your organization. Some of our solutions include paging systems, sound masking, office audio systems, and classroom audio systems. We are sure to have a high quality solution to meet all of your sound system needs.

Remote Live Feed Systems

Many times a venue cannot handle the crowds that attend, or people want to stay engaged with the action even while stepping outside to the concession stand.  With remote live feed systems, people can participate while away from the event area. Some examples include church overflow rooms, athletic event concession displays, and meeting and training remote rooms. No matter what the reason is for the need we can deliver quality results.

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