Digital signage provides the flexibility to promote and inform your patrons and employees with customized content. Signage can be used for advertising, information, training, performance indicators, recognition, and much more. Virtual Guru works with you to determine your content goals to select the correct platform for your needs. Some uses of digital signage include:

Menu Boards

End of Aisle Promotion


Student Announcements

Safety Signage

Employee Communication

Directories and Information

Calendars and Events

Waiting Area Promotion and Education

Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a very flexible and easy to use tool that helps to spread your message to the general population. Using digital signage allows you to customize your message and put it in front of viewers in an easy and effective way. Digital signage helps you to stand out and sets you apart from the other companies. With essentially limitless customization, easy use, and the opportunity to stand out among the rest the real question is why not digital signage?

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